Interested in Becoming An Owner?

Clark Montgomery riding Loughan Glen

Looking for a horse of your own to ride and compete?

Clark and Jess can find you just what you're looking for. Jess is Clark's "eyes and ears" for horseflesh. She has uncanny knowledge of both and with contacts over the entire US, UK and Europe, she can find you just what you are looking for. Clark can then make sure your riding ability fits the horse and your competitive goals. Together they make an amazing horse finding team! Contact Clark or Jess.

Interested in becoming an owner for Clark?

Want to experience firsthand the thrill of Eventing without having to ever get in a saddle? Do you like to travel and experience new cultures, see beautiful countryside, eat delicious food and drink delicious wine? Want to experience equestrian sports behind the scenes? If so, then consider becoming an owner and team member of Montgomery Equestrian.

Event horses require a unique level of athleticism and durability that take years to develop. Programs that produce successful horses year in and year out must have a "string" of multiple horses at various levels of development. The resources to develop such a string are not available from competition, industry sponsorships, or training and teaching income. Equestrian sports in general and Eventing in particular simply could not exist without the generous financial support of folks who love horses and enjoy being around them. Contact us for more information.

Multiple opportunities exist to personally participate in and provide financial support for Clark's equestrian program.

Experience the Excitement of an Event

Whatever level of participation you choose, you will get behind the scenes access to Clark, the horses, and experience firsthand the excitement of an event! Contact us for more information.