Universe - “Buzz”

Owner: Jessica Montgomery
Breeding: KWPN by Lauriston
Foaled in: 2001
Height: 16h

Known for his small size, little bitty Ditty, or Buzz as he’s sometimes called, is typically the life of the stables. High energy and high emotion in a small package best describes him.

We found him while in England in 2008 as a 7-year-old. He had been produced to the novice level (prelim) by Lisa Keys, an up and coming rider in the UK. Jess had a blast competing him in 2009.  Early in the season in 2010, Buzz’s talents became more obvious and Clark took over the ride in April at The Fork HT running him in his first Intermediate.  It has been smooth sailing from there.

He has an enormous jump for a little horse and his dressage is getting more relaxed all the time. He truly loves the challenge of work every day. It seems to sooth his brain to have something to focus on. Buzz is one of those exciting horses to have because you just know, not if but when, he puts all of the pieces together, he will be truly amazing.  

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