Representing the USA in Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics was a fantastic experience. The competition was of course disappointing for Glen and me, but he has now completely recovered from having a bone chip removed from his knee and seems good as new! After a couple of warm up horse trials, we won our intermediate division at the Ocala Winter II HT adding just one second of cross country time faults to our dressage score of 22.9. Checkout some Ocoala Winter highlights in the video below.


Buzz is back as well and we’re having a blast doing some show jumping. We just finished 2 rounds at 1.4 meters, bigger than anything we  jump in eventing. He did a great job having only 1 rail down in each round. Not sure what his limit will be but we just might find out! Buzz's show name is Universe... Watch us at work in the videos below.



Frosty is developing well. He won his training division on his dressage score of 18.3 at Three Lakes HT in January and finished third in his first preliminary competition at Ocala II in February. Frosty's show name is Engapore. See us in action in the video below.