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Rolex 2017 with Glen

Well, shoot guys, not the result any of us wanted. After an absolutely beautiful dressage test that left us in the lead, the cross country course proved to be too big an obstacle. Glen's preparation was perfect for a win last weekend, but unfortunately, he just didn't feel the same. He is a phenomenal horse that I have had the pleasure of spending the past 9 years with, and I have a ton of love and respect for him. I can't thank all of you enough for your support- on Facebook, text messages and personally at the event. They were all heard and much appreciated. Glen is happy and well after the event, and after a little r&r, we will make a plan for his future. A special thank you to Holly R Becker Kathryn Graves Kraft and Jessica Montgomery for loving Glen like I do. And Connolly's Red Mills, Standlee Hay, Toklat, Sagmae, Theraplate, Charles Owen and Coast to Coast Trailers for feeding, outfitting, maintaining and transporting him in high style!

Kentucky Farm 2017

EXCITING NEWS! We are thrilled to announce our move to Lexington, Kentucky! After months of searching, we have found the perfect base at Wimbledon Farm. Personally, the city is a fantastic place to live and beyond that, it offers our horses world class shows, vets, farriers and a hungry Eventing scene.

We are now accepting horses in training and new students. Contact me for more information: 352-208-8880.

#LovingLifeInLexington #KentuckyBluegrass

Representing the USA in Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics was a fantastic experience. The competition was of course disappointing for Glen and me, but he has now completely recovered from having a bone chip removed from his knee and seems good as new! After a couple of warm up horse trials, we won our intermediate division at the Ocala Winter II HT adding just one second of cross country time faults to our dressage score of 22.9. Checkout some Ocoala Winter highlights in the video below.


Buzz is back as well and we’re having a blast doing some show jumping. We just finished 2 rounds at 1.4 meters, bigger than anything we  jump in eventing. He did a great job having only 1 rail down in each round. Not sure what his limit will be but we just might find out! Buzz's show name is Universe... Watch us at work in the videos below.



Frosty is developing well. He won his training division on his dressage score of 18.3 at Three Lakes HT in January and finished third in his first preliminary competition at Ocala II in February. Frosty's show name is Engapore. See us in action in the video below.

Clark and GlenHaving just returned from my stay with Glen in England I am feverishly trying my best to play catch up.

The horses here at home are going super and I am excited to get started on our fall season. Universe, or Buzz, is looking and feeling great. He had a little rest through June and has had some time this summer to work on his flatwork. He is such an outstanding jumper I would like to see him match his efforts in the dressage ring too so it's fun to feel him really progressing.

I have been given the opportunity to ride Garrison Flash for Mr. and Mrs. Nichols this fall season. He is an incredibly athletic 8 year old that was produced by Kylie Lymann. She handed over the reins to me when she set her sights on a stay in Ireland in pursuit of broadening her riding horizons and a boyfriend that I hear is a super great guy.

Jinx, as we call him in the stables, is aiming for a fall two star. Constantine is the grey stallion that can jump the moon but needs a little help in his rideability so he like Buzz has had a summer of lots of flat work.

Glen is back on American soil and will be released from quarantine tomorrow morning. I would be lying to say that I was not disappointed to miss this year's selection to the Olympic Games but I am pleased to have been a part of the selection process. While there, I made it a point to take full advantage of all of the instruction available over the six weeks stay and as a result, Glen is happy and healthy and going better than ever. We have our sights set on the Nations Cup at Boekelo in Holland in mid October and I am looking forward to showcasing all that we have learned.

GkenBlenheimweb It has been a really busy few weeks around here. I have been to Texas and back to see some family, which I don’t get to do much of during the season and taught a great group of people at Christie Tull’s Greenwood Farm while I was there. Glen and I have been named to this spring’s High Performance B list which is a huge honor and allows us access to additional funding and support from the USEF and the USOC. We just returned from the convention yesterday and while it is always fun to see friends and catch up by night, there was a lot of business to take care of by day. On Friday morning at 7 all high performance riders reported to the mandatory fitness testing for the USOC. This was my first time to be evaluated and I have to admit it’s pretty rigorous. The squats, plank test and the run each require strength but there I was surrounded by my peers who were pushing themselves to the limit and it quickly became obvious that the evaluation was mostly about stamina and who could gut it out the longest. Needless to say we’re a pretty competitive crew and while I do carry the lowest percentage of body fat, I’ve got a ways to go to catch some of the others in the squats and plank test. After the fitness evaluations we had one on one meetings with the strength trainer, nutritionist and the sports psychologist all of which were informative and mapped out short term and long term plans for us to follow. I had a chance to talk one on one with Mark Phillips about his expectations for me next year and while it is a pretty tall order, I have come away from Nashville feeling energized with a plan in mind and a real sense of support from USEF’s High Performance. Now it’s time to put my head down and get to work. Glen and the other horses have started their light conditioning canters in preparation for their first recognized event in February. It’s going to be here before we know it.       

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